What Are We?

A 3-day seminar designed to prepare you for law school.

Law School Savvy is a 3-day seminar designed to prepare you for law school. Our focus is not on legal subject matter, such as contracts, property, and torts. Rather, our focus is on how to handle the demands of law school. In other words, we are here to teach you not WHAT you will learn in law school but HOW to learn in law school.


We developed this program in part by asking hundreds of current and recent law students a very simple question: “What do you wish someone had told you just before entering law school?” The responses covered a variety of aspects of law school, yet were strikingly consistent regarding each topic. These provided incredible insights into the facets of law school that frustrate law students, especially first-year students.

Our Goal

We aim to help you on a range of topics, from finding a daily schedule that suits you to preparing for class to taking notes and studying effectively and efficiently to taking exams. For all topics, our focus is providing you with practical tools for success. We want you to enter law school armed with practical tools for handling whatever law school throws your way. We want you to be your best in law school and to have a heightened ability to succeed in law school and beyond.

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The Program Includes:

  • Law School Timeline: This helps you to understand what to expect at each critical juncture of your three-year endeavor.
  • 1L Breakdown: In-depth review of the first year of law school, with particular attention to:
    • Professors’ varied teaching styles.
    • Note-taking tactics.
    • Reading & briefing cases.
    • Outlining.
    • Exams.
  • Effective Study Habits: We discuss the kinds of study habits that are effective, the realistic time commitment required by law school, and the study schedules that best allow you to put in that time.
  • Law School Extra-Curricular Activities: We discuss the importance of various extracurricular activities, such as law reviews, other journals, and moot court, to your success in law school.
  • Substantive Baseline Knowledge: This is the knowledge that law students are expected, but do not always, have before entering law school.
    • Common law school terms & phrases.
    • Categories & classifications of law.
    • Federal & state court systems.
    • Basic civil procedure (including the litigation process).
    • Legal research & writing.
  • Current Law Student Panel: From our close-knit networks of former students, we bring in several who are currently in law school to provide really candid feedback from those currently in the trenches. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and get get the feedback you need. These panelists provide feedback on the academic rigors of law school.
  • Recent Law School Grad Panel: We also bring in several of our former students who are recent law graduates. In this session you will be able to ask questions and you will get insights on the job search and the various careers that young attorneys engage.