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“I think Drew is one of the best people you could have gotten to lead this thing. We practiced briefing (clutch move!) and I was super pumped when we got it during the first few weeks of contracts. I knew exactly what was going on, and I feel like I adjusted more quickly as a result.”



Tanya M.

“The portion on briefing cases made the transition a lot easier. Having a general idea of what the reading would look like and what a brief should contain was great. Overall, much of what was discussed in the seminar came to fruition in law school.”





“The seminar was so beneficial! Even after the first day I was telling my parents how the $ was beyond worth it!  I know I was prepared for literally everything they threw at me during my first semester. Hate to admit it, but I loved watching my section freak out when I was coasting. I made the top 25% fall semester and have a GPA that will make me a contender for top 10% when they release those names. I believe part of my success stems from my participation in your seminar. Thanks Randall and Drew!”

Rachael M.

“Taking Drew and Randall’s course is incredibly informative and practical. It takes a lot of the edge off the first year learning curve and puts the ball completely in your court.”


Jake R.

“I constantly find myself repeating nuggets of wisdom from the seminar to friends/family/colleagues. Keep Drew teaching cause he’s a badass and helpful resource/confidant.”




Michael A.

“I found the course to be incredibly helpful and stress relieving. I know that the look into 1L life you’ve given me will be incredibly beneficial. … Now, I have two of your courses that I will suggest to anyone I know at UT.”


Kyle H.

“I GREATLY benefited from taking your seminar last year. I would highly recommend it to all your outgoing 0Ls. No one else in my class had such an opportunity, so I was ahead of the curve. Also, hearing the structure of Civ Pro really helped me get ahead of the rest of my section in that class. I am now a Civ Pro genius. It’s by far my favorite class.” 




Liz W.

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