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This program was designed by Randall Hansen and Professor Drew Thornley, two experts in law school admissions and legal career consulting.

Our Philosophy

We teach you how law school works, so you can focus your valuable time in law school on learning the law.

Law school is a world with its own vernacular, its own set of academic expectations, and even its own set of social norms. You need to know what aspects of this world actually apply to you and your goals. What aspects of law school are worth the time for you? What others are a waste of time? What can you expect from your classmates? How do you keep your sanity while others freak out? How is an exam code relevant to you? What is the On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) process and how does it work? How does a law student work efficiently through cases?

Our informative 2-day seminar, for those about to enter law school, will arm you with practical knowledge and skills for success in law school, keeping you from having to figure out “on the fly” how the critical pieces of your law school experience should be handled. This program will prevent you from wasting time pursuing or even contemplating which approach is correct for you, thus allowing you to walk confidently into your first-term classes.

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Student Testimonials

Don't just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

Kyle H.

“I found the course to be incredibly helpful and stress relieving. I know that the look into 1L life you’ve given me will be incredibly beneficial. … Now, I have two of your courses that I will suggest to anyone I know at UT.”

Jake R.

“Taking Drew and Randall’s course is incredibly informative and practical. It takes a lot of the edge off the first year learning curve and puts the ball completely in your court.”

Michael A.

“I constantly find myself repeating nuggets of wisdom from the seminar to friends/family/colleagues. Keep Drew teaching cause he’s a badass and helpful resource/confidant.”


“The portion on briefing cases made the transition a lot easier. Having a general idea of what the reading would look like and what a brief should contain was great. Overall, much of what was discussed in the seminar came to fruition in law school.”

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